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Jersey City



The Sussex Apartments building is a narrow residential building located in the heart of the Historic District of Jersey City. This 5-story high Building has retail and hospitality at the ground level while the upper floors consist of a 1-bedroom and a 2-bedroom apartment per floor, for a total of 8 units. 

The design follows the classic aesthetics of Jersey City with a contemporary and minimalistic touch. The fenestration rhythm and pattern follow those of its neighbors in the district. The big arches at the base of the building provide access and maximize natural light and visual connections, making the entire ground floor open and transparent to the community. The arches open to a vaulted space created by a grid of wooden ribs and columns that hold the structure of the slim building.

The large Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels are used for the construction of the floors and the exterior brick wall in the main façades are manufactured in 19 large panels (48’ x 6’) with the highest quality control. These systems allow for rapid construction time, a key factor to keep the overall project cost within budget.



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