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 architect: STLarchitects   |   design director:  Jose Luis Perez-Griffo    

Washington, D.C. USA



The United States World War One Centennial Commission promoted an open design competition to create a National World War I Memorial in Washington, DC to honor the heroism and sacrifice of the Americans who served in the Great War. STLarchitects’ proposal was one of the five finalist teams. STLarchitect’s design for the National World War I Memorial was conceived not only to honor the fallen soldiers and heroes that participated in the Great War but also to remember that they were part of a great family: the American Family.

The project honored the American Family through photographs. It acknowledged their commitment and sacrifice as we celebrate the bonds that were forever created in the darkest times of war. Inside the park, large-format photographs were placed within frame cases that were organized around four proposed themes, each evoking essential aspects of our American Identity: Family, Brotherhood, Diversity, and National Pride.

The memorial is the park, and the park is the memorial. Landscape and hardscape were part of the design. Three plazas of variable scales and uses were part of it, not only serving the purpose for the memorial visitors but also for everyday users of the park.

Oversized bronze sculptures stood through the park. They represented soldiers paying respect to their history, a reality that they would share with us today and would do with the future generations yet to come.

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